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Experienced a game bug in Terra Militaris or something isn't working? Report it to us here and help us making the game better.

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Flag Subject Author Replies Views Last Post
Features in the game (or the shop) do not function correctly / Clearing the browser cache [CM]Skeradur 0 51 by [CM]Skeradur [23.Aug]
[How-to] - Use the Help Desk and submit tickets [GM]Richulainn 7 239 by Ciuribury [12.Aug]
I've experienced a problem - what do i do? [GM]Sinethara 11 829 by Ebolatzul [01.Jul]
How to report - please read before posting! [GM]Sinethara 1 673 by [GM]Sinethara [09.Nov]
!!!!!!!!!!! Eustahije 2 25 by Eustahije [24.May]
hero blocked Mariusrobert 4 35 by Mariusrobert [22.May]
nowordstosay Hramsten 1 15 by Mariusrobert [22.May]
so many days heros still stuck Hramsten 1 3 by Mariusrobert [22.May]
hero stuck Hramsten 3 30 by Eustahije [16.May]
hero stuckk Eustahije 0 11 by Eustahije [15.May]
lairs Porcmen 0 10 by Porcmen [13.May]
hero stuck Limgradnja 7 41 by Skatomourhs [27.Apr]
Firearms Server Down? lol Xxxxmarksxxx 1 19 by Schniezel [26.Apr]
characters stuck x:3005,y:159 Roninua 0 9 by Roninua [25.Apr]
please ! my hero still stuck Ankydo 0 6 by Ankydo [01.Apr]
please ! my hero still stuck Ankydo 0 3 by Ankydo [01.Apr]
my hero is stuck Ankydo 1 13 by Ankydo [31.Mar]
purple hero,priest and merchant Mariusrobert 1 30 by Xxxxmarksxxx [25.Mar]
SILVER NOBILITY RRAAOUL 1 18 by Xxxxmarksxxx [25.Mar]
Uncompletable Tasks Davejc 1 19 by Xxxxmarksxxx [16.Mar]
[Character Creation] Unable to create character due to meeting requirements? Eddieofbritannia 1 9 by Xxxxmarksxxx [16.Mar]
stuck in a guide mode Fafarafazyrafa 2 20 by Abroxinado [12.Mar]
atrapado en la guia Dramg 0 4 by Dramg [11.Mar]
Hello Julyon 0 13 by Julyon [05.Mar]
Not receiving Game Mails Xxxxmarksxxx 0 10 by Xxxxmarksxxx [27.Feb]
Cant take my resorces from tasks reward Perrro 1 14 by Xxxxmarksxxx [25.Feb]
firearms server crush again Alanl 0 13 by Alanl [15.Feb]
incompetent Turqiiiiii 15 91 by Alanl [14.Feb]
server down Baggiii 5 70 by Alanl [14.Feb]
Hero still stuck Imnotfatimtubby 2 22 by Imnotfatimtubby [14.Feb]
log in Darkserafimi 1 29 by [CM]Skeradur [14.Feb]
firearms server down Alanl 3 20 by Alanl [14.Feb]
Trap in guide process Jerryjr 2 39 by Pdechenne [14.Feb]
Hero Stuck in Trials of Champions Imnotfatimtubby 1 18 by Imnotfatimtubby [14.Feb]

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