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[Info] Firearms Expansion Features in Short [CM]Draladir 0 1042 by [CM]Draladir [16.Apr]
[Info] New payment method available - TrustPay [GM]Richulainn 1 128 by Antipatrea [27.Mar]
TM Rules and Regulations [GM]Richulainn 0 538 by [GM]Richulainn [15.Oct]
[Info] Firearms - Improved Guild System and New Crafting System [GM]Richulainn 5 609 by Dukembp [22.Oct]
[Info] Firearms - New Equipment and Revamped Reinforcement System [GM]Richulainn 7 1854 by Jksr [04.Oct]
[Info] Firearms - Heroes, Units and Pets [GM]Richulainn 3 1004 by Winceaser [17.Oct]
[Info] Firearms - The New Era [GM]Richulainn 11 1406 by Fhtagnnagh [28.Jan]
Play Terra Militaris directly from Facebook now! [GM]Richulainn 0 82 by [GM]Richulainn [01.Aug]
How to Redeem a Coupon Code [GM]Tirionus 0 4464 by [GM]Tirionus [26.Jul]
Forum Rules Sinethara 0 599 by Sinethara [16.Sep]
[Shop] Up to 50% off Pet Taming Items! Tame a real powerful pet! [CM]Skeradur 0 212 by [CM]Skeradur [26.May]
[Info] Terra Militaris in 2014 – News from the front lines [CM]Skeradur 4 275 by Porcmen [24.May]
[Urgent] Facebook direct connections converted in gPotato IDs [CM]Zartylan 1 35 by Taranroman [23.May]
[Event] Double EXP! [CM]Zartylan 0 39 by [CM]Zartylan [22.May]
[Shop] -50% on EXP Books! [CM]Zartylan 0 48 by [CM]Zartylan [21.May]
[Shop] -50% on Thalers! [CM]Zartylan 0 32 by [CM]Zartylan [19.May]
[Event] Raid Lairs for Great Items even faster! [CM]Zartylan 0 47 by [CM]Zartylan [15.May]
Portal Merge Maintenance - 26/05/2014 – 9:00PM [CM]Zartylan 0 60 by [CM]Zartylan [14.May]
[Sale] -50% on Transfer Gems and Inventory Expansions ! [CM]Zartylan 0 28 by [CM]Zartylan [14.May]
[Shop] 50% discount on Green Copper! [CM]Zartylan 0 30 by [CM]Zartylan [12.May]
[Event] Tavern Cooldown reduced from 60 to 15 minutes! [CM]Zartylan 0 63 by [CM]Zartylan [08.May]
[Shop] Up to -50% for Arenas and Experience Orbs! [CM]Zartylan 0 27 by [CM]Zartylan [07.May]
[Shop] Up to -50% on all Nobility Cards! [CM]Zartylan 0 37 by [CM]Zartylan [02.May]
[Event] Triple EXP! [CM]Zartylan 0 56 by [CM]Zartylan [30.Apr]
Server Maintenance - 29/04/2014 - 8.00am [CM]Zartylan 0 45 by [CM]Zartylan [28.Apr]
[Event] Yeti Invasion! [CM]Zartylan 0 77 by [CM]Zartylan [24.Apr]
[Flash Sale] 50% discount on Green Copper and Keys! [CM]Zartylan 0 15 by [CM]Zartylan [24.Apr]
[Event] Party of the Gods (Easter Version)! [CM]Zartylan 3 329 by Danuviideii [24.Apr]
[Flash Sale] Expand your inventory and get more EXP by Hero Books and Orbs up to 75% cheaper! [CM]Zartylan 0 22 by [CM]Zartylan [10.Apr]
Server Maintenance - 10/04/2014 - 8.00am [CM]Zartylan 0 136 by [CM]Zartylan [09.Apr]
[Event] Triple EXP! [CM]Zartylan 0 35 by [CM]Zartylan [03.Apr]
[Flash Sale] Up to 50% discount on ALL NOBILITY items! Only for 5 hours! [CM]Zartylan 0 23 by [CM]Zartylan [03.Apr]
[Event] Raid Lairs for Great Items Even Faster! [CM]Zartylan 0 24 by [CM]Zartylan [27.Mar]
[Flash Sale] 20% Off on "Military" items! [CM]Zartylan 0 17 by [CM]Zartylan [27.Mar]
Gpotato levels up and becomes WEBZEN! [CM]Zartylan 2 149 by Wareliot [27.Mar]
Server Maintenance - 27/03/2014 - Complete [CM]Zartylan 0 14 by [CM]Zartylan [26.Mar]
[Event] Reap the Profits from the Blooming of Trade! [CM]Zartylan 0 202 by [CM]Zartylan [20.Mar]
[Flash Sale] Up to 50% discount on all “Training” items [CM]Zartylan 0 141 by [CM]Zartylan [20.Mar]
[Event] Raid Lairs for Great Items Even Faster! [CM]Zartylan 0 192 by [CM]Zartylan [13.Mar]
[Flash Sale] Up to 40% discount on ALL NOBILITY items! Only for 5 hours! [CM]Zartylan 0 9 by [CM]Zartylan [13.Mar]

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