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  • [GM]Ruatolov

    [LIVE] Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/20/2010 10:14:58 AM)


      The quest "Regular Customers" has been altered:
    • This quest now provides 2 rewards, a bound Small Cone of Incense and a bound Captain's Letter of Marque (experience scroll). Please note that the localisation for the experience scroll is not finalised, but the mechanic is working as intended. Localisation will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
    • League players, this Quest is given by the Mysterious Family in the Gibberling District of Novograd.
    • Empire players, this quest is given by Semer Nemar in Yasker Tower.
    • You still need to talk to several NPCs to complete this daily quest.
      The quest "Special Delivery" and "A New Charter for Novograd" have been removed and replaced by one single quest.
    • The new quest reward is 5 bound Phylacteries of passage. At the moment, these phylacteries have a timer expiry. We are currently investigating ways to have this timer longer.
    • The new quest is short to complete and only requires talking to one same NPC. Players need to pay 20 silver to complete the quest. It is the same NPC from whom players can obtain the Martyr's Blessing, Marianne de Ardeur or Elizaveta Rysina.
    • This quest can be completed daily.
    • You can get a free daily incense effect.
      • League players should talk to Marianne de Ardeur in Novograd. She is located in the church in the main Square of Novograd.
      • Empire players should talk to Elizaveta Rysina, she is located in the basement of the Yasker’s Tower.
      • All you have to do is to talk twice to this NPC.
        Bug Fixes
      • Friends list is now fuctional again.
      • Adjusted the statistics of the Charm of Inspiring Energy.
      • It is now possible to unequip the Vial of Demon Venom and other similar necklaces.
      • Players of the enemy faction with raised Player vs Player (PvP) flags will no longer sometimes be invulnerable to attack.
      • Runes will no longer disappear when removed from items while the player’s bag is full.
      • Players should now be able to open bags of crystal chips received via in game mail.
      • Removed error message about rune destruction when an Astral Rune Removal Seal is used.
      • It should now be possible to add characters to a friend’s list again.
      • It should now be possible to auction items split into two or more stacks.
      • It is no longer to stack the effects of Battle Lust.
      • Adjusted the way the Shriveled Vampire Heart works: it now has a cooldown lasting 30 seconds and it now heals for 1 health point per each point of damage dealt; healing does not depend on wound complexity.
      • Players should now be able to receive items mailed to them via in game mail.
      • Quest marks above quest givers no longer disappear when quest log is full.
      • Added a message saying that an opened item is empty. For instance, such message will appear when an empty chest is opened while on the quest Knowledge is Power!
      • Current amount of Combat Glory is now shown in quest log for combat rank quests.
      • Quest rewards are no longer highlighted in red if the character is in combat.
      • The levels of quests are now displayed in the quest description when speaking to NPC quest givers.
      • An icon showing character archetype is now permanently displayed beside the character name.
      • In-game mail interface now displays current page number and total amount of pages.
      • Cooldown duration of an item is now displayed on mouse over.
      • When a character is attacked, the attacker will be targeted automatically. The distance of targeting is increased up to a 100 metres.
        Patronage and Runes
      • Add a window that allows players to choose on which stat to apply the patronage bonus. This window can be opened by clicking the icon of the character’s patron martyr.
      • Mirra is no longer spent when a single stat is chosen repeatedly as the patron bonus.
      • Bags of crystal chips and gold dust now open instantly.
      • First level runes are no longer character-bound.
      • When replacing an embedded rune with another rune, a pop up window will now warn that the embedded run could be damaged or lost.
      • First level runes can no longer be sold to vendors.
      • The maximum level of a rune has increased from 10 to 13.
      • Large rune slots will automatically be expanded. Slots that could hold runes at between levels 1 and 10 can now hold runes between levels 1 and 13.
      • Items obtained in the game world no longer contain runes:
        • Players can now purchase level 1 runes from merchants in game.
        • The Mysterious Family will sell level 1 runes to all League characters.
        • Semer Nemar will sell level 1 runes to all Empire characters.
      • Level 40+ Patron Martyrs now gain new levels more quickly. Usage of Patron abilities from level 40 and above will grant more Martyr experience.
      • Cooldown duration of Patron ability Martyr's Guidance is now 5 minutes.
      • Patron ability Martyr's Protection now removes most stun effects.
      • Patron ability Martyr's Salvation now restores mana to Summoner minions and Warden pets.
      • Characters with the 4th level of Patronage will no longer be able to accept the quest for the 3rd level of patronage.
      • Runes are no longer taken from a character when a Patronage quest that requires the runes in abandoned.
      • Simplified quests for the 3rd level of Patronage. Now 3 of each item will satisfy the quests, where previously it was 10.
        Allods Boutique
      • Players will now receive an in-game mail if an item from the Allods Boutique expires while it’s placed in the bank.
      • A pop up window now appears displaying the rank of a mount.
      • The Allods Boutique has received a make-over! Items are grouped into categories and sorted for a more intuitive experience.
      • It is now possible to acquire several items at once from the Allods Boutique.
      • Marks will now appear for 30 seconds above a character’s head and for 10 minutes above an NPC’s head.
      • The Admiral’s Haversack and Enchanted Dragonhide Backpack have been augmented. They now have a total of 108 (54 item and 54 reagent) and 96 (48 item and 48 reagent) slots respectively.
      • Large rune slots made by Adamantine Engraving Kits will now hold any rune from level 1-13.
      • Added new items:
        • Gemstone Chest: This chest contains 5 Astral Gemstones. Astral Gemstones can also be found throughout the Allods and are used in the quest to obtain one additional ruby. Characters level 40 and above should speak to their class trainer to find out more.
        • Cooling Liquid: This handy liquid is all the rage among travellers of the Deep Astral. It instantly reduces reactor heat by 500 points.
        • Ship Renaming License: This item will allow you to name or rename your Astral ship. It is consumed upon use.
        • Master Goblin: Use the Master Goblin to access the bank, Auction House and mailbox while abroad. The Master Goblin also acts as a merchant so you can sell the spoils of your adventures without interrupting them.
        • Magic Ink: This ink is required to post messages on the General Announcements and Guild Announcements sections of the Bulletin Board. The Bottles of Ink will appear in your pack, but you can right click on its icon to store the ink in your Currency tab.
      • The following items have been removed from the Boutique:
        • Steel Chest
        • Mithril Chest
        • Adamantine Chest
      • Members of a raid or party can now be added to a friends list by right clicking their class icon and chosing the appropriate option.
      • Added a button to the Guild tab of the Social window. Guild mates can be added to a friends list by clicking this button.
      • Added a feature in the group/raid window for leaders to check if everyone is ready. All group/raid members are shown a window where they can confirm whether or not they are ready to begin.
      • When guild leader attempts to disband the guild, a confirmation window now appears.
      • Added a new Bulletin Board interface which can be accessed through the Social (G) interface:
        • Messages are divided up into three sections: Looking for Group, General Announcements, and Guild Announcements.
        • Looking for Group – Allows players to search for group mates. Messages posted on this board are visible to players +/- 2 levels of the original poster.
        • General Announcements – Players can post ads or messages on this board using Bottles of Magic Ink.
        • Guild Announcements – Guild leaders and officers can post messages for their guilds on this board using Bottles of Magic Ink.
        • All posts made to Announcements sections of the bulletin board will last for 1 week.
      • Added an in-game calendar interface.
        • The Calendar has four categories: Recommended, Daily, Repeatable and other.
        • The Calendar will track daily quests you can complete, recommend quests in your level range and keep track of in game events and special offers.
        • For each event, a description, date, time, required level, popularity is shown.
      • Emotes:
        • Added a new tab to the top left of the chat box where emotes can be accessed as buttons.
        • Favourite emotes can now be dragged and dropped into the action bars for instant access.
        • Some emote animations have been significantly reworked.
        • Voice-overs which help enhance the setting of Allods online have been added to many emote animations.
        • Added emoticons, which will appear above a character to help express the player’s mood. Players can select an emoticon by clicking the icon beside the Emotes tab.
      • Added a pop-up tutorial for crafting randomizations.
      • When the Mysterious Metal Shard is used to reset the results of mining a correct amount of spent currency is displayed.
      • Cursed items can no longer be disassembled.
        Mounts Mount statistics are now displayed correctly after obtaining ranks 3 and 6 of Piercing Gaze. Added animations for mounting, level-up and dismounting. Experience bar of a mount will now become red when the daily limit of feedings is reached. Characters will no longer dismount when they unpack Sacks of Vittles or feed their mount. Mount food now unpacks instantly. Mount stats for the next level now appear in a pop-up window when mousing over its icon in the stables. It is no longer possible to mount while in animal form. Mount stats in the stables window now appear correctly.
      • Effect of Storm will now fade after logout.
      • Fixed a bug where Summoners and Wardens did not receive experience or loot from monsters killed with the assistance of their pets.
      • Items with a limited lifetime that were sold to vendors now can be bought back.
      • When monsters under control effects such as Tornado leave combat, there effects are cleared immediatly, not when their duration ends.
      • Monsters now “see” pets and react to them like they react to characters.
      • Rubies granted after level-up can now be received only from class trainer.
      • Divine Foresight now lasts 1 hour. only one target can be affected at a time. Does not prevent death from excessive damage.
      • Fixed a bug with Divine Foresight. It no longer heals the target more than once.
      • Silence effect inflicted by Priest's ability Hold in Contempt can now be dispelled like all other effects of this ability.
      • Mana cost of Perpetual Healing is increased.
      • Surge of Faith now increases the effectiveness of Perpetual Healing and Cleansing Flame by 5%, 10% or 15% depending on the rank.
      • Divine Infusion now increases the critical chance of periodic damage of Cleansing Flame and periodic healing of Perpetual Healing by 33%, 66% or 100% depending on its rank.
      • Talents and rubies have been reset.
      • Strike of Justice can now be applied when target is at least 8 meters away from the character. It will also ignore Silence effects like all other weapon skills.
      • Pious Brand, racial spell of Elven Paladins, now increases wound complexity by 100%.
      • Retribution no longer reduces the movement speed of targets.
      • Heavenly Nova no longer heals. Instead, it deals damage to all targets within a 10 meters radius and reduces the movement speed of all targets under the Mark of the Pariah effect.
      • The damage of Heavenly Nova is no longer determined by the Paladin’s perception.
      • Monk's Reflexes, Zealot's Fury, Ascetic Training, Righteous Fortitude, Disciple's Power now increase their corresponding stats by 3% per rank.
      • Wave of Life now increases damage dealt by Retribution, Condemnation and Penance.
      • It is no longer possible to remove the effect of Healing touch with abilities that remove movement impairing effects, such as Martyr’s Protection.
      • Blessed Light now works correctly with Surge of Light.
      • Sword of the Just now reduces the cooldown duration of Strike of Justice by 15%/30% and the cast time of Strike of Justice by 0.5/1 seconds depending on its rank.
      • orc Paladins' ability Exhaust Evil will no longer drain the target’s energy.
      • Talents and rubies have been reset.
      • Icy Grave now removes the effects of Wall of Flame.
      • Effects of Wall of Flame, Elemental Shield and Reflections can now be removed by any spell that dispels magic.
      • Fixed a bug that caused all skills to become temporarily unavailable after casting Wall of Flame.
      • Wall of Flame no longer stops the target but, depending on its rank, reduces its speed by 40%, 60% or 80%.
      • Wall of Fire now appears instantly when the appropriate spell is cast. Enemies in range get Intense Fear debuff.
      • Effect of Lava Spill will stack even if cast by different characters.
      • Debilitating Plague ability now works differently - it temporarily prevents player from performing any actions and makes them immune to all effects or attacks.
      • Evil Genius now increases Intelligence by 3%, 6% or 9%.
      • Calculating Mind now increases Perception and Wisdom by 3%, 6% or 9%.
      • Panic Monger now not only reduces the cooldown duration of Fear, but also increases its range by 20%, 40% or 60% depending on its rank.
      • Blood Aegis now has 6, 8 or 10 charges depending on its rank. Each charge increases Summoner's armour by 8%.
      • Corrosive Acid now increases the amount of acid damage dealt to a target.
      • Rubies in the Acid Bolt grid have been reset.
      • Blood Tap, Darkweaver, Burning Acid rubies have been moved around the grid.
      • Silence effect of Lurker lasts 8 seconds. Lurker now attempts to come closer to its target to apply this effect.
      • Lurker will no longer receive damage from most area of effect attacks.
      • Hellion's ability Crush can no longer be applied to targets immune to mind control. Effect of this ability can be removed by any spells removing disarm effects.
      • Burning Acid now works correctly on Fiends.
      • Talents and rubies have been reset.
      • Significantly changed talents, rubies and racial abilities. Updated racial abilities of Xadaganian and Arisen Psionicists.
      • Brilliant Aura no longer depends on Wisdom and restores 1% of base mana to all group members every 8 seconds.
      • Effect of Brilliant Aura now fades after logout.
      • Health pool of Spectral Assassin is reduced by 50%.
      • Flag of War no longer rises when you buff your allies with your Mental Twin active.
      • Carnivorous Muskirs in Holy Land now interact correctly with Mental Twin.
      • Monsters no longer restore their health after killing Mental Twin, but attack Psionicist instead.
      • Monsters now react to Mental Twins summoned on the move.
      • Fixed a bug with damage dealt by Psionicists when Self-Destruction was used.
      • Significantly changed talents, rubies and racial abilities.
      • Talents and rubies have been reset.
      • Hasty Disguise and its effect now have the same names.
      • Added information to the description of Incendiary Arrow that its effect may stack up to 3 times.
      • Added information to the description of Caltrops concerning its duration.
      • Subterfuge now no longer clears target's aggro towards the character, but instead reduces it by 7%, 14% or 20% depending on its rank.
      • Effect cast on Stalker when Shooting Position is used now does not cancel upon moving and reduces movement speed by 70%.
      • Maul can now be applied to targets behind the character.
      • Scare ‘em, the racial ability of Kanian Druids, can now be dispelled by any ability removing control effects.
      • Damage bonus from Patronage now affects pet twins that appear when Call of the Wild is cast.
      • Pet health and energy indicators no longer disappear when Call of the Wild is cast.
      • Aqua Morte is now considered a control effect.
      • Talents and rubies have been reset.
      • Amount of damage absorbed by Stony Resilience is increased to 25%. The chance to absorb is lowered to 50%.
      • Intimidation now lasts 8 seconds and does not deal damage to the target.
      • Stalwart Defense no longer reduces cooldown duration of Intimidation.
      • Agile Maneuvers, Daredevil, Lethal Blows, Rugged Fighter and Rampaging Menace now increase the corresponding stats by 3%, 6% or 9% depending on their ranks.
      • Augmented Armour now increases armor by 2%, 4% or 6% depending on its rank.
      • Living Armor now increases armor by 5%.
      • Unyielding Resolve now decreases the damage taken from ciritical strikes by 10%.
      • Cooldown duration of Bulldoze is now 10 seconds.
      • When Might over Magic is active, chance to block magical attacks now equals to the chance to block physical attacks.
      • Solid Defenses now reduces the chance receive a critical strike by 50%.
      • Silence, a debuff from Gut Punch, now lasts 3, 5 or 7 seconds depending on the rank of Gut Punch.
      • Each stack of Impenetrable Barrier now increases the chance to block by 10% and decreases incoming damage by 3%.
      • Disarm effect of Shattering Strike now lasts 5, 7 or 9 seconds depending on its rank.
      • Inciting Shot now has the cast time of 0.5 seconds.
      • Fixed a bug where more health was taken than given when Die Hard was activated.
      • Battle Frenzy no longer prevents a player from gaining combat advantage. Cooldown duration changed from 90/60 seconds to 120/60 seconds depending on its rank.
      • Bash will now always stun the target.
      • Ram will now always stun the target. Cooldown duration is changed from 35/30/25 seconds to 40/35/30 seconds depending on its rank. Stun duration is changed from 3/5/7 to 4/5/6 seconds. Chance to stun immobile targets is reduced down to 50%.
      • Scrolls of the Master Artisan obtained as quest rewards are now character-bound.
      • Amount of experience for killing guards in ports of both factions has been decreased.
      • The cost of converting fatigue into experience is now displayed in Goblin Innkeeper's message boxes.
      • No experience will be given for killing guards near graveyards in Asee-Teph, Eljune and Coba Plateau.
      • Amount of experience gained for killing a creature now depends on its defensive stats.
      • Basalt Studded Bracers no longer reduce Divine Resistance.
      • Faction leader levels are increased. Aidenus and Yasker are now level 45 characters.
      • Arena combatants can now be targeted by pressing Tab.
      • All deposit boxes can now be deleted.
      • Milestones used for Historian quests now disappear immediately after use.
      • It is now possible to get rid of the obsidian Sacrificial Knife by talking to faction leader, Aidenus or Yasker. Previously the knife was not taken after completing quests The Fatal Key and A well-deserved Reward.
      • Randomisation of spawn locations for rare monsters has been improved across all zones.
      • Monsters will no longer drop any loot except for quest items when they are 5+ levels lower than the character.
      • Monsters are now able to change targets when chasing players.
      • Raid members belonging to different groups are no longer considered rivals on the Arena.
      • Changed magic resistance stats for most items:
        • The type of resistance now depends on the item type and resistance percentage depends on item level and quality.
        • The only exception is off-hand items - now they also provide resistance, but to a randomly chosen school, unlike other items.
        • Generally, magic resistances are now distributed more evenly, and it will be harder to collect a set of items that provides higher resistance to any particular school of magic.
      • Fixed a bug where talent points could be lost if players logged out after completing the start-up instance without spending them.
      • Fixed a bug where characters could be lost if players logged out after completing the start-up instance.
      • Amulet of True Faith required for World Mystery quests can now be deleted from the bag.
      • An armour vendor for melee classes appeared in Aidenus Tower. Characters can trade with him only if their reputation with League Seekers is Trusted or higher.
      • During The origins of the Undead quest, players are able to use the chest even after the first attempt fails.
      • Talon the Forester now has a proper boss icon.
      • Yak Bone, which can be looted while on quest Bones for the Guardian, is no longer marked as quest item.
      • Barrel of Pickled omul, required for the quest A Rare Pickled Treat can now be stored in stacks of 5.
      • Refined Copper Blank will no longer be taken when the quest Copper Expedition is abandoned.
      • Mutineers' Documents, dropped by Nestor Kryukov, will no longer drop after the quest Rebels' Plans is completed.
      • Characters will now resurrect in Sieged Stronghold if they die in Bone Valley.
      • Characters will now resurrect in Gravestein if they die in Frore Foothills.
      • Fixed a bug where characters got stuck in ice while travelling through Siveria and other cold-climate locations.
      • The quest Seeking out the Elves is now available at level 20.
      • Savage Wolves that inhabit areas near Astral Bay and in Lupinwood are now level 18-19 creatures.
      • Spirits that appear during the ritual in Witch Circle will no longer attack a Mental Twin, even if it was summoned after the ritual began.
        Castle Blight
      • Svetlana Valir will no longer fly towards players in a coffin, but instead will fly around the hall.
      • Lord Fetidflesh mobs will use Fatal Blow less frequently.
        Frozen Frontier
      • It is now possible to return to Siveria by June Sphere using the Ancient June Ruins.
      • Characters will no longer resurrect in Novograd if they fall in Astral in some places of Frozen Frontier.
      • Voracious Bat will now only appear when the lantern is lit during Necromancer’s Lantern quest.
      • Cooldown duration of all lanterns in this zone is reduced.
      • Increased the amount of Strange Soil which yields earth mushrooms for Tasty Mushrooms quest.
      • Reward for The Ancient Spider quest is now useful for any class.
      • Characters will now resurrect in Summer Manor when they fall in Astral near Western Border.
      • When the quest That's not Trash! is abandoned, needlework is no longer taken.
      • Sarbaz Harakhte the portal keeper near Yasker Tower, no longer stands in the ground.
      • A myrrh trader was placed in resurrection location near Silverclaw Foothills.
        Lab Thirteen
      • Warden’s Refreshing Potion no longer removes effects of Sand Trap cast by Termites.
      • Warden's Refreshing Potion no longer removes effects of Sticky Slime cast by Slugs.
      • Termites' Poisonous Saliva no longer influences mana or energy regeneration.
      • Will-o'-the-Wisps are now level 20-21 mobs.
        Severny Steppe
      • Soldiers required for The Symbol of the Reds quest are now level 10-11 mobs.
        Dead Sea
      • Characters no longer get stuck in the cage during Captive Freeborn quest.
      • Items required for Fancy Feathers quest will now drop for each player.
      • Zone name for The Astral Extract quest is now displayed correctly in the log.
      • Flag of War of Strina the Fierce which has to be escorted from the mine for the Rescuing the Heiress quest is lowered.
      • Setting Up a Portal Network quest is now available at level 15.
      • Elite Sunclaw Centipede is now hostile to players.
      • Strange Black obelisk can now be reused immediately after the first use.
      • A new path was cleared around Laguna Boil, providing easier access to generators for the Reinforcements quest.
      • Criminal Scouts are now level 18-19 mobs.
        ZIT Headquarters
      • Fixed the bug that prevented players from using the Astral Spark Catcher.
      • It is now impossible to loot corpses when under the effect of Paralyzing poison cast by Dune Scorpions.
      • Money reward for completing The Jezebel Harpies quest is increased.
      • NPC levels of Tep Worshippers and Tep Servants required for Tep's Servants quest are increased.
        Laguna Boil
      • Soulscorchers summoned by Semer Karpol now disappear if he restores his health.
        Wild Isles
      • Characters no longer resurrect in Nezebgrad after dying by jumping into Astral on Fierce Isle.
      • Players no longer spawn in their capital city after dying by falling into the astral while under the effect of speed enhancement buffs.
      • Murd the Bloodthirsty, Brod the Roughneck and Purshin the Righteous, who appear during the duel quest, now despawn when the quest is abandoned.
        Holy Land
      • Killing the Imperial Battlemaster will now be counted towards the Imperial Sentinels quest.
      • Archeological Cleanser acquired during the Dirty Problem quest will be removed from the bag if the quest is abandoned.
      • When Disruptive Banshee is killed for the quest The Tomb of the Dead City, the quest will be considered completed for the player who used the object.
      • Esther de Desirae’s dialogue option “Ask for a banner to capture a Site of Power” will now be available only after accepting the “Capturing the Sites of Power” quest.
      • Spores required for Turtle Crystals quest are no longer dropped by Giant Muskir.
      • Squirrel Ears required for The Squirrel Threat quest can now be stored in stacks of 10.
      • Killing any Imperial Guardsman including those that are sitting is now counted towards the Death to Imperial Soldiers! quest.
      • Quests for level 4 Patronage are now available when character reaches level 30.
      • Lake Lizards are now counted towards the Lake Monsters quest.
      • League Defenders that appear during the Strange Happenings quest are now hostile to players.
      • NPCs starting quests to attack or defend the outpost now stand inside tents. Faction-specific NPCs starting quests to attack the outpost will spawn accordingly.
      • Players can no longer attack enemies on neutral graveyards.
        Isle of the dead
      • The Isle of the Dead is reworked, it is now more interesting and spacious.
      • Increased damage dealt by Genoer the Devourer by 5%.
        • Damage dealt by Endless Contempt effect to all adjacent players is increased by 400%.
        • Empathetic Contact effect is now cast only when combat starts.
        • Fixed the descriptions of Empathetic Contact.
      • Genoer the Devourer no longer restores health points during combat.
        Coba Plateau
      • Postal Worker now stands next to the portal in Prospector's Inn.
      • Marker for the Problems of the Arisen quest now shows where the quest can be turned in.
      • Manganese required for the Purification by Stone quest is now dropped by Iron Elemental as well.
      • Effect of Intense Heat will now decrease energy regeneration by 50%, instead of 100%.
      • Tainted Eye no longer drains energy.
      • Fixed character animations bugs related to anomaly effects.
      • Increased levels of equipment given as the reward for completing reputation quests in the zone.
      • Use of Astral Fangs while on Astral Fishing and Astral Fangs quests now counts towards all group members.
      • Use of Astral Fangs while on A Rich Haul quest now counts towards all group members.
      • Quest item Bertille de Pluie's Report cannot be traded anymore.
        Yazes Shard
      • Obsidian Sacrificial Knife is now removed from the bag when the The Demonic Gates quest is turned in.
      • Cultist clothing equipped on a character no longer influences the reputation towards demons after visiting the Demonic Gates.
      • Arena of Death is revamped:
        • Arena area is bigger.
        • Arena events take place daily, see the calendar interface for the time each day.
        • Players now sign up for the Arena of Death event by speaking to the herald in their faction’s camp.
        • When the Arena of Death NPC appears, 24 characters from each faction are chosen at random and teleported into the Arena.
        • Arena of Death event lasts for 40 minutes. Uncommon chests spawn every 2 minutes, epic chests spawn every 4 minutes, and legendary chests spawn every 20 minutes.
        • Each time a chest is captured and brought to the goal, all characters on that side receive a bonus 200 Glory Points.
      • Players no longer appear in the Arena when they die by jumping into the nearby Astral.
        Demonic City
      • Players brave enough to conquer Demon City are now able to challenge a dreadful new enemy – Gorluxor, the mutinous Xadaganian Great Mage. Players will find themselves teleported to an all new area: Gorluxor’s private quarters. There, they will enter into combat with Gorluxor and his many clones. Those who prove themselves worthy will gain priceless treasures and the answers to some of the World’s greatest Mysteries.
      • Access to Gorluxor's Tower opens when you defeat the first five bosses. There you can encounter one of the guardians – Kazul the Astral Watcher.
      • The effect of Unstable Curse, cast on characters by Ancient Eye, can now be dispelled by any ability that dispels magical effects.
      • Allies of Armand de Doucer now join him when he attacks players.
      • Reduced health pool of Armand de Doucer.
      • Shields on the ground and on characters no longer disappear during the battle against Armand de Doucer.
      • When the barrier is removed from Zalmar the Twisted, it no longer respawns after relogging.
      • Single Ancient Eyes are now also immune to mind control.
      • The First Trick is now considered failed after logout.
      • Wildflowers can now be used only during The League’s Plans quest.
      • The League’s Plans quest is now easier to complete for the Empire characters. The reward has been adjusted.
      • The creature summoned after completion of the Evolution or Creation? quest now disappears when character dies.
      • White Flowers can now only be used for An old Recipe quest.
      • Birch Sandles, required for the Popular Goods quest can now be removed from the bag.
      • Characters will no longer suffer falling damage when teleported to Gipat.
      • It is no longer possible to use the portal stone to Gipat while in combat.
      • Flag of War is raised forcibly when you enter the Arena.
      • Increased the respawn rate of ogres and boars.
      • Added a new daily quest Isle of Intrusion given by the Messenger of Fate.
      • Killing the ghostly creatures for the Transparent Request quest now counts only if the player is under the effect of Ghostly Plane.
      • Signs of the Chosen One are no longer taken if the Punishment quest is abandoned.
      • Orc Hunters will now attack the Spectral ogre.
        June Temple
      • The last boss in the June Temple now drops epic items.
        Astral Exploration:
      • Replaced Mogilny Isle, Umoira Shard, Brightlake Settlement, Zaleskaya, and Lost Colony with five new allods – Zavert Isle,Wolf Isle, Allod of Power, Silent Hills, and the Catacombs.
      • Removed Isa Shard.
      • Changed the geography of Hikut Shard.
      • Other Astral Allods are also reworked significantly to improve the gameplay.
      • Mini-bosses have been added to some allods. They can sometimes drop ship devices.
      • Some of the older Allods were replaced by completely new ones.
      • Allods now appear in game differently:
        • A unique set of allods is generated for your ship, regardless of the number of other players in the astral.
        • You will only see your allods on the scanner, but in the game world and on the map, all allods are visible.
        • It is impossible to land on allods belonging to other ships.
      • Some creatures in Astral now damage the ship's hull, not the shields.
      • Characters now resurrect in hangar if they die during ship steering tutorial quests.
        • Astral travelers Afanasy Nikitov and Fedor Stablemanov found in Academies of faction capitals now give random daily quests leading to an astral allod. Amount of Astral Treasures from destroyed ships drifting in Astral is increased. They now contain more repair materials, thus reducing repair costs.
        • Players are no longer prevented from completing the quest Repair Ship: Symbol of Victory after they have completed the Accelerating Repairs: Symbol of Victory quest.
        • Time limit of accelerating before jump is now 27 seconds.
        • Amount of damage dealt by rapid-fire cannon is decreased.
        • Object models (mobs, wormholes) no longer duplicate visually after interhub jumps.
        • Changed the algorithm for monsters appearing next to Astral objects, thus decreasing the chance of them attacking players right after departing from the island.
        • Astral travellers that defeat the final boss are now guaranteed to get epic items.
        • With a few exceptions, astral creatures now have no more than two spells.
        • Players can no longer loot Astral Chests in the hanger if they did not participate in obtaining them.
        • When a ship carries chests, its maximum speed is reduced by 5%, 10% or 15% depending on the amount of chests.
        Ship Devices
      • The quality of all devices is now indicated visually.
      • Ship self-destruction timer is increased from 10 seconds to 1 minute.
      • Repair automatically stops when you enter the Astral.
      • It is no longer possible to replace ship motor, helm, and turbine.
      • Current sector name is now displayed on navigator screen.
      • Whenever your ship is spotted by another ship scanner, corresponding information will be displayed on your navigator screen.
      • Rebalanced energy consumption of ship devices: shields, goblins and visor no longer add heat to the ship reactor as they require no energy. Special abilities of visors, however, still consume energy.
      • Ship engine consumes a relatively small amount of energy on the first speed and second speed, and full energy on the third speed. Thus, ships are able to perform different manoeuvres in combat.
      • Boost mode that doubles maximum speed is now available for all engines. Boost mode turns off automatically when ship receives any damage.
      • Astral monsters are now easier to hit. Cannons now have crosshair, and artillery automatically aims targets if they are in a shot angle.
      • Fixed Visor Scanning functionality. Now it displays monsters in the current hub on the map.
      • Links to other hubs are now displayed on Navigator's scanner.
      • It is no longer necessary to name a ship immediately when it is built, players can do it later.
      • Players now have to choose wisely which shields they install on ships. Higher durability shields have a slower recovery rate, and vice versa.
      • Each Astral isle and shipwreck is now guarded by a single Astral creature or guarded Astral chests the amount of repair materials is increased.
      • Added wormhole captions on the map indicating the sector where they lead.
      • Fixed a bug where characters were unable to resurrect in Sick Bay if they died there.
      • The effects of the Ship Master buff, which allows characters to refit their ship, now fade after logout.
      • The Engine Worker effect now fades if a player logs out while steering the ship.
      • Character speed is now increased if there are goblins on board.
      • The amount of Astral emanations allocated to the ship when leaving the hangar has been reduced, the amount needed to use the scanner’s tools had been reduced as well.

      Kind Regards,
      Your Allods Online

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/22/2010 4:29:03 PM)

    will you please fix the friends list/ignore list?


    But other a much brighter note, it's nice to know that a new Volume is steadfast approaching! Can't wait! :D

    Alexae, Stalker, Level 16
    Serever: ISA
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/22/2010 4:48:21 PM)




    Will there be guild wars  and guild ranks in this patch?

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/22/2010 4:50:18 PM)

    friend list fix? free chips for everyone ?
    do i want too much ? :DDD

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/22/2010 10:11:18 PM)

    [[Classes and archetypes polishing/fine tuning]]


    I like this part most! Since this ptch will bring huge nerf for the seers (all bufs are gone btw, and some new weird useless skills), to the scout dps (again added some new "awesome" skills), paladins and warriors nerf, and....GUESS what! no changes for the melee healers^^ This is what am calling fine tunning haha :D Anyway this patch is bulshet :)) Am very sad that u bring it to the game so soon. 

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/23/2010 8:15:13 AM)

    loooooooooooooooooool :c)))

    League Mebigcz, the adorer of holes - holy paladin
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/23/2010 11:33:57 AM)

    please please please please add more sound/guild bank/mounts    and fix stuff instead of adding thanks. Good news on this tho look good.

    The sound is lacking rly bad in Allods it needs more.

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/23/2010 12:00:48 PM)

    More mounts will come / Guild bank u can have an alt that u call "guildbank" or something ....   more features will come in next patch after "Rise of Gorluxor"

       dont understand what you mean with adding more sounds but okay...

    >>>> The holy Warden <<<<
    LvL 42 Warden (Zak)
    LvL 20 Scout (Zak)
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/23/2010 12:13:17 PM)

    Can u plss thel us what will be changed at Warrs, or wher can i read it. Thnx :)

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/23/2010 12:19:38 PM)

    if u guys really want to know what happends go to Rus forums if u dont understand russian use "google translator" to translate it they have gotten this patch ages ago if u want to see all the patch notes go there i suggest you . (i know google translator can be a little shity but you can understand some stuff)

    >>>> The holy Warden <<<<
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 11:47:34 AM)

    LOL)Nerf more donut-this patch)but no matter i playing wow now)

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 2:06:51 PM)

    Looking really forward to Part 2 of this Epic game :)

    Guildleader: Legends (ISA)
    Stoeipoesje - level 42 - Seer (Psychonist)
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 5:27:46 PM)

    I don't know why but everytime a new patch comes out it brings only bad news.Honestly people have you heard of "improvements"?

    All you do with this patches is just ruining the game more and more.

    Oh and on a side note thank you for messing up the warrior archetype (I just spent almost a month getting my war to lvl 38 so that now i won't be able to play with it anymore, thx a lot).

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 6:07:18 PM)

    Well, i c that summos get nerfed biggie i guess, but with this new """revamp""" u should rly let us have a free full respec, dont u think? reseting only the acid tree isnt enough imo.





  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 6:14:04 PM)

     WOW , you gonna get some ppl happy with this patch .and A F...KING LOADS off people MAD (again) with this patch.


    i really had hopes (again) for you

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 7:57:25 PM)

    Why do you only reset Acid Bolt's rubie grid?

    I personaly don't like with what you did with Summoners... Speacialy with Debilitating Plague... I'm shure others like it but.... and now i have to buy Water of Death to get it removed? don't think that's fare....


    But I'm happy with almost every changes in the game! :) And the friend list fix is one of the best! :p

    Good work!

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 8:03:32 PM)

    I think is stupid too dont reset all skill of summoenrs...U changed a skill a lot of ppl probably dont want use anymore and u dont rest it?
    And Calculating Mind will give 3/6/9 Perc and Wisdom or like is wrote on USA forum 3/6/9 to Perc and Faith????   I rly hope for an answer Thx




  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 8:40:54 PM)

    Aqua Morte is now considered a control effect.


    So we also can be considered as psi or wtf? lethargy + morte = both control pots?

    Grats for killing our best skill against oped healers ( why the hell don't u dare to frigging touch that goddamn class?) c'mon! you can keep on doing bs with wardens!

    will you ever be enough tired of annoying us?

    will next change affect Vitae becoming a psychotropic elixir?

    should i bent over in front of a healing class and wait for a lil push or WTF?






    [ex-WarMachine] current IMBA's warden lvl 40
    Playing since CBT 1 until FAIL Patch
    Now i'm leveling without farming defenders :S
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/24/2010 11:09:51 PM)

    Improvements/fixes for technical issues - i give 2 thumbs up


    Nerfs - 2 thumbs down


    full stat/skill reset should be made available

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/25/2010 12:09:41 AM)

    What i dont like on this patch is:


    Rune lvl 13?? Are u F kidding me?

    Some Astral Monsters hit hull direct? (it will be good to know wich one)...


    Well thats all :P


  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/25/2010 1:17:03 PM)

    Dear developers. What for to cut game characters? If you cut that many classes will be simply useless!!! Players, to you the reference to the calculator of talents to Russian Allodods

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/25/2010 1:25:55 PM)

    Another major cash shop patch. I gues you can't avoid ruining this game. The warrior nerf is so stupid i can't even belive it. I don't understand who do you want to tank heroics and astral when warriors are gone, there aren't enough paladnis around for all. And this makes runes even more important. I would apreciate it if you gave us a day or two to try out our own builds before we must change them.

    ·         Character Name: Maxcool/Kulha
    ·         Character Race/Faction: Kanian/Gibberling
    ·         Character Class: Champion/Seer
    ·         Level:  lvl 41/lvl40
    ·         Guild: Sasava Druzina
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/25/2010 4:02:51 PM)

    I Say i can't wait for the update I'm sure i will enjoy the new allod changes and revamps but one thing i won't enjoy are the class change.


    Which to me are the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS!

    I love playing my summoner, even with the dieing because my dps is freakin low. But after i got my bread and butter skills ( hellion,debilitating plague,corrosive acid) everything was fine, sure i couldn't solo some elites but i could do pretty much everything else. Now i look and hey whats that? OSH!T$ it's a NERF!


    Lets go through your So called "fine tunning"



    Debilitating Plague:

    ability now works differently - it temporarily prevents player from performing any actions and makes them immune to all effects or attacks.

    (This is the worst spell change i have ever seen, Who thought that nerfing the only dmg control skill that a class that can only wear CLOTH ARMOR can use and replaceing it with a skill that's only use is to buy time to run away and Hate whoever thought that this skill change was a good idea)


    Evil Genius,Calculating Mind:


    (Oh? I'm sorry is my dmg not low enough for you?)


    "Rubies in the Acid Bolt grid have been reset" 

    ( Why only th acid bolt grid? i really have no use for  DP and i want a full  skill reset and rubie reset, not just for me but for all the classes regardless of the changes. Because with these changes so many peoples finely tunes builds are utterly useless)


    The only thing that i will enjoy is the armor boost for Blood agies and dmg boost for corrsive acid.


    Oh and one for thing, i don't know if you are ignorant or are just favoring the Cleric but just in the wild blue yonder you haven't noticed that it is OP and you have just made it Even more so.


    Divine Infusion now increases the critical chance of periodic damage of Cleansing Flame and periodic healing of Perpetual Healing by 33%, 66% or 100% depending on its rank.



    I'm not asking for much, just that you listen your community and help keep allods floating in the astral instead of in my recycling bin because i like many others will uninstall and never look back.

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/25/2010 4:26:39 PM)

    These notes are not very tempting to me. I like that astral probably will be smoother tho. Anyway, since u're gonna nerf Summoners, and change the Blood Aegis skill, which is in the Talent Tree, at least give us a freakin' talent reset! It only says in the notes that u will reset the Acid Talent Grid, but since u changed a skill in the Talent Tree people might not wanna use it anymore, or remove/add points to it. Changes in the Talent Grids might also affect the use of some of the skills in the Talent Tree.


    So, make a Talent Tree reset for Summoners!

    Server: ZAK
    Faction: Empire
    Guild: Pirates
    Quinz lvl 41 Arisen Savant (Summoner)
    Psionex lvl 25 Arisen Occultist (Psionicist)
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/25/2010 5:04:35 PM)







    im seriously sorry for what they did. retribution was ur best skill making u really dangerous. thats prolly why they nerfed u guys. anyhow shield mechanics still working so its pretty good imho =)



    TO ALL SUMMONERS: (specially to SrFine)

    this patch isnt bad, we knew we were seriously op. about the only acid riby reset.. for a ruby in second grid i think its fine. we wont get corrosive acid anymore and our perc became useless, u might tell me that. id like to know if u are going to reset all perc gear that just became useless to a useful wisdom gear XD anyhow not a problem.

    sad poin tis that u need to reset out talent grid too.. and i tell u 2 simple points on why:

    1) hellion? whats that? a scrub hitting 800 pvp without acid and with a pretty useless skill since lurker > hellion? need to make me reset it.

    2) plague removed means that if i was lacking rubies and ive chosen plague instead of HoD, now i may needs points to rebalance myself, so i dont think its bad idea to totally reset.


    but anyhow... talking about sirfine... ur summoner isnt definely at cap... u will understand that well... i can kill 250k hp chars in 5 mins without losing any hp? maybe im op? maybe my dmg is hard and its NORMAL to get it nerfed since we are the only last class with 15% buffs? let me tell u something... neurotox . putrefy . plague on 8 mobs and a little run around = 8 mobs dead in 10 secs = op. so im not bad cause will take us maybe 15 secs instead of 10.. not goin to QQ lol and if u ever had a pvp with an healer u know that.. cleansing flame isnt doing any dmg, neither now neither with patch lol. if ur summoner dies and doesnt deal dmg, means that u are low on perc and that u are low on luck/int. regear yourself and come tell me what happens lol


    <<another money based patch>> id be glad if u were able to explain what u mean. but im pretty sure u cant since its not money based and u are just raging cause probably your class got nerfed.




    its been written that psionicists and ranger will get alot of changes.. what about write something on that? wouldnt be nice to tell us WHAT? im summoner and i dont care but since every class got it written well... do it lol


    nerfing healers:

    B A D  I D E A. its second time u do that, next time if u go for another nerf healer will be like... useless lol


    nerfing warriors:

    >_< crap they notice they are strong too lol... *deletes lowbie warrior*



    lvl 41 Savant ZAK
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/25/2010 5:30:46 PM)

    Well, i believe that everyone should get a chance to change everything after the patch (all talents, stats and rubies). Its only fair to do this. Now with the stat rubies nerfed, we could have some ppl trying to change their stats as well. If you are changing the classes, at least dont make us pay 9,5E to have our stats re-distributed. It's just not nice.


    Mass QQ about the changes in retribution skill and wave of life ruby :(

  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/25/2010 7:55:14 PM)
    Are u trying to make full healers useless? Lets all be melee !!! Lets keep nerfing, people will buy chips for runes to conpensate for nerfs.
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/26/2010 12:11:01 AM)

    very playable patch note. hope to get more fun and gear in astral. lets see new summoners and scouts in business;)


    Loptopsi, and what makes full healers useless  in this patch? O.o


    waiting for new patch with "new" wardens :)

    warrior inside...
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor h (9/26/2010 10:24:15 AM)

    Idiots idiots whay ruened the paladin you idiots fucking idiots returen my mony
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/26/2010 1:47:30 PM)
    "It is no longer possible to replace ship motor, helm, and turbine." Eh, what??? Once you install a motor you can't change it ? WTF ? Are you serious. So if I got the weakest motor in the game and an Epic one drops, I can install it ?
  • sample


    Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor (9/26/2010 2:14:46 PM)

    This ruby had 50%... buffs.

    Divine Infusion now increases the critical chance of periodic damage of Cleansing Flame and periodic healing of Perpetual Healing by 33%, 66% or 100% depending on its rank.


    Divine foresight can only be placed on 1 pelope at the time... And what if a monster attacks me in an instacne, not the tank?

    Healers got a lot less nerf, I'm so happy I made one.

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